Thinking about a change

So…we are thinking of making a switch to blogger.  Would you follow us there?

We just started thinking about this because we can’t do a music playlist on wordpress and we are such music people, it would add a lot to our blog. 

Let me know your thoughts if you have an opinion about this.  Would it be too confusing to you?  Would you stop reading?


Here is our new blog address:


Happy Mother’s Day!

May your Mother’s Day be empty of stinky diapers, whines, fighting kids and spilled milk but full of snuggles, kisses and love! 

I’ll be enjoying breakfast in bed (shhh, I wasn’t supposed to find out about it!), hand drawn cards, and the TLC marathon.  I’ll tell you all about it on Monday 🙂

Weekend, Interrupted

This weekend did not go as planned!  Does it ever?  I know I am too much of a planner ( I can hear Erin and Amy laughing from here) but God is working on teaching me to live in the moment.  The number one way He has done this is by giving me 3 kids who are very prone to getting sick!

Saturday morning we woke up early and went to the Race for the Cure.  It was really cold and really early and we hadn’t slept at all!  The baby was up all night and I mean all night!  We are assuming it is the three teeth he is working on because he just couldn’t get comfortable but had no fever or any obvious sickness symptoms.  So, DH and I crawl through the race and then head to breakfast – alone, just the two of us!  This normally happens just once a year so it was so great to be together and able to talk uninterrupted.  And, did you know at a certain mexican restaurant that is in our area and open for breakfast, you can get chips and hot sauce for breakfast?  We decided this wasn’t too weird because chips are just tortillas which lots of people eat with breakfast and salsa is just tomatoes which technically, are a fruit!  Anyway, once we got ours, we noticed 4 other tables ordering them!  Did we start a trend or was it just coincidence.

As we were finishing, the cell phone rang and it showed home calling.  Our stomachs fell!  What was wrong and so much for stopping at Wal-Mart to look at flat screens!  No, everything was okay.  My grandparents wanted to girls for the day to take them to a kite festival.  Okay, great!  We can go to Ikea and finally buy that **** furniture I’ve been stressing about!  We agree to meet at our house, get the girls ready, pick up the baby and hit the road.  Uh Oh!  G-monkey has a slight fever.  What to do?  She really wants to go!  I give her Motrin and let her go.  We get the furniture.  Race back to town.  She’s worse but had a great time with the kites!  I guess I’m glad it worked out.

Sunday morning.  I am rudely awoken to loud crying!  Mommy, my throat hurts really bad!  Okay, here’s more Motrin.  You can’t go to church.  Daddy will stay home so Mommy can watch A sing.  Hurry, hurry.  Wait.  Mommy’s not feeling so well….ACKKKKKKK!  Mommy has the gastrointestinal virus that is going around.  Daddy, go to church.  Mommy and babies go back to bed!

Monday is a school holiday.  Thank you God!  A goes to MeMaw’s to spend the night.  Daddy takes G-Monkey to the doctor.  Mommy wallows on the couch!  G-Monkey has strep!  No surprises there.  Finally it is bedtime!  Mommy has cancelled her Tuesday activities.  One more day of rest and we MUST get to the grocery store.

Tuesday morning.  Mommy is up early with the baby.  He is still really fussy at night!   Decides to surprise A with pancakes for breakfast.  Oh, we are out of mix.  No problem!  I’ll make em from scratch.  Make the first round, go to wake up A.  Mommy, my tummy hurts really bad and my throat feels funny.  ACKKKKKK!  She’s burning up!  Is it strep or my virus????   Look in her throat.  Probably strep.  Give her Motrin and a bucket. (She vomits with strep or any fever) send her back to sleep.  Call school.  Finish pancakes.  What a day and it is not yet 9:00 am!

Oh, and I’ll post some pictures later!  G-monkey needs more juice.  At least she ate some of the pancakes!


A little note…

Okay, I decided to take yesterday’s post off of my blog.  If you read it, you might understand why.  While it did help me to “get it all out”  I’m not sure I want it there for everyone to see, everyday.  It was very close to complaining and angry and that is not what this blog is about.  It is meant to be a glimpse into the funny and absurd and sometimes frustrating happenings of our lives.  In other words, I want this blog to be real but cheerful.  And, it helps that I’m no longer stewing!  Ever feel like that?  I knew that what happened shouldn’t bother me but after a few hours I just couldn’t get it off my mind! 

Anyway!  Have a great weekend!  We are off to do some retail therapy.  We have Race for the Cure tomorrow and our oldest sings at church this Sunday.  Check back for pictures of our weekend.

Sunshiney Day

I spent a lovely day at the zoo yesterday with our daughter’s class.  I really enjoyed spending this time with her and her friends from school, getting to know some of the other mothers and having a nice day out with her without brother and sister along too. 

Other than that, nothing much blog worthy has been happening.  We are in the process of redoing the girls room to make it more organized for all of our enjoyment.  So, we made a trip to Ikea.  Of course, they were out of the beds I wanted so I had to pick some that we twice the price!  LOL – we are waiting and seeing…making the decision of do I want the nicer beds but fewer cutesy accessories or do I want the original beds and all the accessories and money left over?  What would you do?  It is a harder decision than I thought it would be.  I’m usually pretty good at deciding these things and pretty quick too.  If I were better at this, I would link you to the two beds, but I’m not so here is the breakdown.  The less expensive bed is very plain.  Basically a platform with three storage drawers underneath.  The other is a very girly daybed, also with three drawers.  I like the daybed much better but it is twice the price and remember we have to get two!  I chose fairy tale bedding for them and they love it so that is the current theme.  BTW – did you know you can get bedding there for 12.99?  They are also getting two new chests of drawers.  These were chosen because they are the ones that will fit in the space not for cuteness!  They are very plain but very good storage and are the same color and finish as either bed.  And then it depends on the bed choice what else we will get.  Also, if you haven’t had a chance to visit the nearest Ikea…we enjoyed the cafe and the LIVE BAND that was playing.  We picked out our next anniversary present too!  I could spend the entire day in there!  I am an IKEA convert.  We also enjoyed reminiscing about our Europe trip (was it really NINE years ago?) because it very much reminded us of something you would find in Germany.

Have a great weekend and if you have the chance let me know your vote on the BIG BED DECISION 2008!

It’s My Party!



Here are some shots of Little Man’s party this weekend.  All the family was here and we had a blast!  There was pizza, salad and the cutest cake I have ever seen!  We played outside all day.  He received a sand box and a little baby swing set and just loves it.  I’m relieved that he now has something to keep him occupied outside instead of constantly walking in front of his swinging sisters.  

 I can’t tell what his favorite present is yet.  He has been going back and forth between them all.  We went with our family favorite – Little People- and got him the garage.  Now, we have given all three kids something Little People for their first birthdays.  I must say that toys just aren’t as fun as they used to be!  I remember playing with the Little People garage at my baby sitters when I was little and it was way cooler!  They don’t have anything to compare it to though so the kids all like it.  They also really enjoyed the balloons.  Isn’t it funny how the smallest purchase is usually what they enjoy the most? 

 I said I’d never do it, but when I was in the Dollar Tree on Friday (clutching my zipped up purse like a maniac – Thank you Stephanie!) I found lots of cute little treats for the girls so they got a present too.  I really don’t like the idea of them expecting a present on their siblings’ birthday but I just couldn’t pass these things up.  So we spent a lot of time this weekend playing cards – Go Fish, Crazy Eights and Snap.  The G-Monkey was so cute with Snap.  Everytime we would say Snap she would take us literally and snap her fingers!  We finally just let her win a couple.  

Dh also worked on our new shed this weekend.  For some reason, I don’t like buildings in the back yard but we really needed this one.  It’s just a shed for the lawn stuff but it will make our backyard safer for the kids.  We have been spending so much time outside this year that something had to be done.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but we planted a garden this year.  It is just a tiny thing but the kids are having such fun with it and next year we will know what grows well for us and can plant a larger one. 



So, that’s it for our weekend.  Hope yours was just as great!

One Year Ago, Today…

One year ago today, our beautiful, wonderful, amazing, gift from God was born.  He fills us wth love and joy every day.  Enjoy these shots of his birth day.  Yes, I included some l&d shots but don’t worry they are family friendly!